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Pro-Tech Tractor-Trailer Tool Boxes

Pro-Tech aluminum boxes are manufactured with high strength, corrosion resistant alloy material to provide top quality appearance, and low maintenance. Aluminum boxes provide security and storage for your equipment, adding minimum weight to your tractor/trailer.
Pro-Tech aluminum boxes utilize a neoprene, bulb type seal to keep your equipment clean and dry. Stainless steel, keyed T-latches are used for long life and security.

Slope Lid Tool Boxes

20-2410: Tool Box, Aluminum, 19″ x 20″ x 30″
20-2401: Tool Box, Aluminum, 12″ x 25″ x 24″
Smooth body, diamond plate lid. Designed to mount between cab rack feet. Click on photo for larger view.


Inframe Tool Boxes

20-2647: 8″ Deep
20-2649: 10″ Deep
22″ Long. Includes mounting clips and bolts to clamp box to truck frame.


20-2114DR; 20-2204D

Tool boxes shown with optional aluminum diamond plate door installed.


20-2114L; 20-2314L

Double Swing Doors (Double Swing Doors can be ordered on any box over 36″ long.)


20-9700 and 20-9710

Designed for frame mounting of boxes. 20-9700 is for 24″ deep Boxes, while 20-9710 is for 18″ deep Boxes.


20-2005 and 20-2070

Single Drop Down Door with Neoprene bulb-type seal. Smooth aluminum doors standard.



Single Drop Down Door with T-Latches.


22-2018B and 22-2235L

22-2018B – Steel Tool Box; 18″ x 18″ x 18″
Single Drop Down Door with T-Latch. Neoprene bulb-type seal. Available in all popular sizes.

22-2235L – Steel Tool Box; 24″ x 24″ x 60″
Double swing doors, stainless steel keyed T-Latch. Neoprene bulb-type seal. Available in all popular sizes.


22-2431 and 22-2432

22-2431 – Steel Tool Box; 18″ x 18″ x 24″
Top open lid, hasp-type latch, tapered top.

22-2432 – Steel Tool Box; 18″ x 18″ x 24″
Top open lid, hasp-type latch, flat top.


Aluminum Step Boxes

From left to right:
20-2450: 28″ D x 25″ H x 12″ L
20-2460: 28″ D x 25″ H x 18″ L
20-2470: 28″ D x 25″ H x 24″ L
Not Shown: 20-2480: (30″) 20-2490: (36″)

Pro-Tech aluminum step boxes provide storage space in conjunction with a frame step. Step boxes have smooth aluminum bodies and aluminum diamond plate doors. Bulb type seals and stainless steel keyed T-latches are standard. Step boxes come as complete units with top platform and steps installed. 12″, 18″ and 24″ boxes come with internal mounting brackets. External are required on 30″ and larger boxes. Custom sizes are also available! Boxes may be ordered without steps. No additional charge for Diamond Plate doors. Click here for larger photo