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Pro-Tech Tractor-Trailer Fenders

Pro-Tech Fenders are manufactured in standard configurations for truck and trailer applications. Variations of single axle, Half and Full Tandems are available in:

  • Bright Aluminum
  • Diamond Plate
  • Aluminum Smooth (stiffened ribs optional)
  • Mild Steel and Bright Stainless Steel materials
  • All standard Pro-Tech Fenders are flanged on both edges with rolled, radius ends for extra protection and top quality appearance. Quarter Fender Kits include two stainless steel quarter fenders, mounting brackets, plus necessary hardware to mount various applications/suspensions as noted.

    30-7391 -Outer Fender Bracket to mouth Kenworth and other “clean-mount” applications. Black Powder-Coat.
    30-7391S – Outer Fender Bracket to mouth Kenworth and other “clean-mount” applications. Stainless Steel.
    30-7393 – Peterbilt Air-Trac Suspension fender mounting brackets. Available in Black Powder Coat finish or Stainless Steel.
    Other mountings are also available. Please call for info.

    Bright Aluminum Diamond Plate

    Bright shiny diamond plate fenders in .105″ Marine Grade Aluminum gives your rig a custom appearance while providing added durability and scratch resistance.
    30-7320 Half Tandem
    30-7340 Full Radius Single Axle
    30-7360 Full Tandem, Double Radius


    Smooth, Shiny Aluminum &
    Bright Stainless Steel

    Bright smooth Fenders without stiffening ribs. 1/8″ thick material for extra strength and show quality appearance. Available in all standard configurations.
    30-7342: Full Radius Single Axle (Left)
    30-7322: Half Tandem Single Radius (Right)


    Ribbed Aluminum Fender

    09″ thick, three stiffening ribs for strength. Lightweight Aluminum, never needs painting, and require minimum maintenance. Available without ribs, but must be special ordered. Available in all standard configurations. 14 gauge mild steel Fenders stocked in three rib style.
    30-7344: Full Radius Single Axle (Left)
    30-7324: Half Tandem Single Radius (Right)


    Lift Axle Fenders

    Full radius, lift-axle fenders available in diamond plate, smooth shiny aluminum and stainless steel in 12″, 14″ and 16″.
    30-7340: 16″ diamond plate
    30-7242: 16″ smooth shiny aluminum
    30-7247: 16″ stainless steel


    20″ Wide Fenders

    Full radius and Quarter fenders, in a compact 20″ wide size. An excellent choice for one-ton, two-tone and mid-range. Available in diamond plate, stainless steel, or polished aluminum.
    30-7150: diamond plate
    30-7152: smooth shiny aluminum
    30-7157: stainless steel


    Outer Mounting Bracket

    30-7391S: Outer mounting bracket, Stainless Steel. Universal end plate for frame mounting. Stainless bolts, rubber pads and backing plates included.
    30-7391: Outer mounting bracket, black powder coat finish. Stainless steel bolts, rubber pads and Backing plates included.


    Under Mounting Bracket

    30-7395L: Under mounting bracket, Black powder coat finish, left hand shown. Adjustable galvanized riser plate, stainless bolts, rubber pads and backing plates included.



    Two 27″ stainless steel fenders plus brackets and hardware for Peterbilt Air Leaf an Low Air Leaf and Freightliner Air Leaf suspension. (also 30-7319-30F with two 30″ fenders).

    Bracket Only: 30-7394-50S
    Universal Air Leaf Mounting Bracket in polished stainless steel. Designed to fit Freightliner Air Leaf or Peterbilt air Leaf or Low Air Leaf. Includes all necessary washers and spacers for any application above



    Two 27″ stainless steel quarter fenders plus brackets and hardware to mount Kenworth and other “clean-mount” applications. (also 30-7319-30K with two 30″ fenders)

    Bracket Only: 30-7391S Outer Fender Bracket (also available in black powder coat finish)



    Two 27″ stainless steel fenders plus brackets and hardware to mount Peterbilt Air Trac or Air Ride applications (also 30-7319-30P with two 30″ fenders).

    Bracket Only: 30-7393 Fender Mounting Bracket designed for use with Peterbilt Air Trac suspension. (also available in black powder coat finish).