Clips, Sockets, Sleeves…


Clips, Sockets, Sleeves, Thimbles, Turnbuckles…

Radio controlled choker (RCC) system, now in stock. It is ideal for use with all types of yarders, towers, and slack pulling carriages. The system is adaptable to almost any high lead or carriage system and benefits increase with the number of chokers being used at once. The system is best suited for conditions where there is adequate deflection and is very effective in second growth timber. Call us for more information.

Radio Controlled Choker   Radio Controlled Choker


Crosby G450 Clip

Sizes 1/8″ through 3″ have forged bases
Entire clip is hot dip galvanized to resist corrosive and rusting
All clips individually bagged or tagged with proper application instructions & warning information
Clip size up through 1 1/2″ have rolled threads


Crosby G429 Clip

Bolts are an integral part of the saddle. Nuts can be installed to enable operator to swing the wrench in a full arc for fast installation
All sizes have forged steel saddles
Entire clip is hot dip galvanized to resist corrosive and rusting
All clips individually bagged or tagged with application instructions and warning information
Assembled with standard heavy hex nut


Wedge Sockets

Wedge Socket W-421

Cast steel with manganese content
Heat treated to resist abrasion
Pin diameter and jaw opening designed to open socket standards


Open wedge socket # 528
Available with plain pin or safety pin

Closed wedge socket #527


Standard wire rope thimbles (G-408 / G-411)

Recommended for light duty service
G-411 meets Federal Specification FF-T-276b Type 11
Hot dip galvanized steel
Rope diameters 1/8″ through 1 1/4″


Extra heavy wire rope thimbles (SS-414 / G-414)

Hot dip galvanized and stainless steel
Model G-414 is recommended for heavy duty


Solid wire rope thimbles (S-412)

Fits open wire rope socket, boom pendant clevis, as well as wedge sockets



Open swage sockets (S-501)

Forged from special bar quality #-1035 steel, suitable for cold forging
Harness controlled by spheriodize annealing


Closed swage sockets (S-502)


Open spelter sockets (G-416 / S-416)

All cast steel spelter sockets 1 5/8″ and larger are magnetic particle inspected and ultra-sonic inspected
Proof testing available on special orders


Closed spelter sockets (G-417 / S-417)

Forged sockets 1 5/8″ thru 2 3/8″ available upon request
Alloy cast steel 1 5/8″ thru 4″



* For use upon 416 and 417 spelter sockets only!
* 100% termination efficiency
* Temperature operating range from -65F to +240F
* Ideal for on-site applications
* No hazardous molten metal
* Improved fatigue life
* Pouring temperature without booster pack is 48F to 110F
* One booster pack if temperatures are 35F to 48F
* Two booster packs if pouring temperature is 27F to 35F


Swage Sleeves

Carbon steel single sleeves for Flemish eyes

For use with Flemish eyes in rope sizes 1/4″ through2 1/2″
Small sizes are swaged in tapering dies, while 1″ and larger are swaged first in open channel dies, then finished in tapering dies


ESCO one-piece Stainless Steel duplex sleeves

Make stronger swaged eyes in less time with no hand splicing
Swage in ESCO open channel dies for ease and convenience
Easy to make small, tight, thimbled eyes or grommets accurately
Rounded end shape covers rope end, eliminating jaggers


ESCO two-piece Stainless Steel duplex sleeves

Swage larger ropes on smaller presses
High gripping strength and more flexibility of the rope eye


ESCO Stainless Steel single sleeves

Add the high strength and protection of stainless steel swaged sleeves to Flemish or farmer’s eyes
Dependability and toughness, plus resistance to cracking and corrosion
Tapered end covers rope ends to eliminate jaggers

Swage Ferrules

SCREWY® Chocker Ferrules

Cast to conform to 6×19 classification IWRC RR lay wire rope. Two sizes designed for 7-strand construction wire rope
More gripping surface between the ferrule and the rope than smooth bore ferrules of similar length
Contoured fit results in greater holding power with minimum rope distortion


SCREWY Drumline Ferrules

A shorter ferrule to fit most popular winch drum pockets


Smooth bore choker Ferrules

Designed for 3/8″ to 9/16″ rope sizes
Fit micro-midget and midget choker hooks
Four sizes


Smooth bore end Ferrules

Designed for rope sizes 3/16″ to 9/16″
Swage in open channel dies


Swage Sockets

Holbrite® open sockets

Designed for a variety of applications such as boom pendants, tag lines wherever straightline rope connections are required
The 1 1/8″ sockets have swage lengths of 8 rope diameters
Sizes 1″ and smaller have swage lengths of 6 rope diameters


Holbrite closed sockets

Available 40SS stainless alloy
Swage in open channel dies


Holbrite bail sockets

Designed with a larger elongated attachment opening
Will accept a variety of shackles and deck plate connections



Hot dip galvanized

End fittings Quenched and Tempered, bodies heat treated by normalizing
Hooks forged with a greater cross sectional area
Modified UNJ thread for improved fatigue properties
Forged, elongated eyes
RECOMMENDED FOR STRAIGHT OR IN-LINE PULL ONLY Available in these assembly combinations:
•Eye and Eye
•Hook and Hook
•Hook and Eye
•Jaw and Jaw
•Jaw and Eye