WaterShed, Grundens & Helly Hanson Rainwear

WaterShed Rainsuit

Heavy Duty Neoprene Exterior Coating on Nylon Backing Material. 100% Waterproof and windproof. Repairable. Comfortable movement and machine washable.

Bibs: RA100W
Jacket: RA100W


Grundens Souwester Hat

A nylon base material coated with a flexible, 100 % waterproof PVC. Features an extra wide brim, neck protection and ear flaps. Welded water ditch on the front brim leads water away. Adjustable chin strap, cotton flannel lined.



Grundens Heavy Duty

THE FABRIC in the BRIGG 40 Parka is a heavy cotton twill base material (4.7 oz. per yard), coated with a specially formulated PVC (10.9 oz. per yard) for a total weight of 15.6 oz. per yard. The fabric in the Hercules 16 Pants is a heavy cotton canvas base material (7.7 oz. per yard), coated with a specially formulated PVC (10.3 oz. per yard) for a total weight of 18 oz. per yard. The PVC coating for both garments is specially designed to resist oils and to remain flexible in extreme cold.

Bibs: #H16
Jacket: #B44


Grundens Medium Duty

THE FABRIC in the PETRUS 82 JACKET and the PETRUS 116 PANTS is a knitted polyester base material (2.6 oz. per yard) laminated to a PVC polyurethane layer (2.4 oz. per yard), for a total weight of 5 oz. per yard. The strength to weight ratio of this fabric is remarkable -an entire set (jacket and bibs) weighs just 2 pounds. Surprisingly tough, this fabric is suitable for many activities. Another attribute of this material is that it is quiet, an important consideration for hunters.

Bibs: #P116
Jacket: #P82


Carhartt Raingear

Carhartt raingear is made with a .5-mil PVC coating over durable polyester fabric for 100% waterproofness. All seams are welded for long-term strength and integrity. The coat has interior neoprene cuffs with hook-and-loop adjustments, reinforced elbows, and a double storm seal with inside and outside snap closures. The bibs have reinforced knees and seat, as well as adjustable suspenders and waist.


Helly Hansen Economy Raingear