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Buckingham Locking Snaps

Buckingham offers a large line of Locking Snaps and Carabiners for any fall protection application. Combine these locking snaps with any Shock Absorbing Lanyards. All Buckingham Locking Snap Hooks and Carabiners are rated to meet a 5000 lbs. minimum rating. Pictured and described below are some of our locking caribiners and snap hooks.

Buckingham Locking Snaps

Buckingham Locking Snap Model No. 1706

Buckingham’s NEW Locking Rope Snap which has been designed to work easier than a non-locker, even with a gloved hand. The 1706 has a 1″ (25mm) eye, an opening of 15/16″ (23.8mm) and an overall length of 6″ (152.4mm).


Buckingham Locking Snap Model No. 1705

Locking Rope Snap has a 1″ (25mm) eye. The opening from the keeper to the bill, while open, is .812″ (20.6mm). The 1705 is 5-1/2″ (140mm) long.


Buckingham Locking Snap Model No. 1704

is a Swivel Locking Snap Hook. The snap opening is 13/16″ (20.6mm) and the overall length is 7-1/16″ (179mm).


Buckingham Locking Snap Model No. 3129

is a Small Locking Ladder Snap. Designed to hook into various anchor points that the standard locking snaps won’t.


Buckingham Locking Snap Model No. 3130

is a Large Locking Ladder Snap. Larger opening for Tower Climbing and large enough for locking into any climbing structure or railing. Anchorage point of attachment must meet a minimum of 5000 lbs. of dead weight.



Buckingham Locking Snap Model No. 5005-SA

is an Auto Lock Aluminum Carabiner. It has a 3/4″ (19mm) opening and is 4-1/2″ (114mm) long.


Buckingham Locking Snap Model No. 5005

is an Auto Lock Steel Carabiner. It has a 1″ (25mm) opening and is 5″ (127mm) long


Miscellaneous Accessories

Buckingham Figure Eight Model No. 5009E

is a Figure 8 with Ears. Designed to aid rescue and positioning techniques that utilize ropes.


Buckingham Pulley Model 5007

is a pulley for use with ascending or descending objects. Weight: 20 oz (560 grams) Length: 6.375 in. (16.2 cm) Width: 4 in. (10.2 cm) Sheave Diameter: 3 in (7.6 cm) Breaking Strength: 12,000 lbs.